Freestanding & Mobile Whiteboards

Freestanding and mobile whiteboards on wheels you can position around your working or educational space as required. These visual solutions are a great fit for larger, open plan, office or classroom environments where workspace needs to be flexible.

ThinkingWall Divider mobile whiteboard wall

Showing all 5 results

Showing all 5 results

If you’re looking for a versatile visual thinking aid, then the mobile whiteboard and freestanding whiteboard solutions in this section may be just what you require.

All of the whiteboards in this section are free standing and do not require a wall on which to be mounted. If you are looking for those, try starting at our whole wall whiteboard.

Made in the UK

All the above whiteboards are constructed by Logovisual Ltd in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Looking for a whiteboard on wheels?

Several of our white boards are on wheels, allowing you to move them around your school or workplace, have a look at our:

All of the above are wheeled dry wipe boards.

Looking for Whiteboard Partition Walls?

If its a partition wall board you would like, then we can either build you a custom solution – see Freestanding Whiteboard Wall – or you may like to see the mobile solutions, ThinkingWall Divider or Acoustic Freestander.

Got a custom whiteboard requirement?

See our Custom Whiteboards, but please remember, we build all whiteboards on site, and can make pretty much any configuration to your exact specification. Contact us if you have a question about a whiteboard.