ThinkingWall® is a unique visual thinking and planning whiteboard system. It’s designed to meet the need for teams of all kinds to better engage and collaborate by making ideas and plans visible.

Modern interpretations of a traditional whiteboard, you can use the core products in conjunction with each other or as stand-alone solutions. Each product shares a design aesthetic and quality befitting the most prestigious of work environments.

Products include:

  • The original wall mounted ThinkingWall® whole wall whiteboard
  • The Freestander mobile whiteboard
  • The Divider, a mobile whiteboard wall
  • The Acoustic Freestander with built in acoustic panels
  • The Stor with integrated shelving
  • The whiteboard Desk, featuring a drywipe writing surface

ThinkingWall can be whatever a team needs it to be. It can be a complete system. A blank canvas combined with the right visual tools and processes to remove constraints and bring ideas to life.

We design and manufacture all products in the UK, backed by a full service from specification to installation.

See more on the full product range by selecting the product images below:

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Showing all 6 results

Our ThinkingWall® Projects

Custom coloured mobile whiteboard
Freestander: Custom coloured mobile whiteboard
Although the standard colour of the ThinkingWall Freestander is white we are often asked to alter them to make a
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The power of vision in planning for business success
In the last blog we spoke about the tendency to stay indecisive, while we wait for more certainty around us.
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Branded ThinkingWall Divider
Branded Whiteboard Divider
The ThinkingWall Divider, mobile whiteboard wall comes with a choice of coloured end panels as standard. However we can custom
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The workplace of the future: did we get it right in 1995?
There is plenty of discussion about what the workplace of the future might look like. When we talk about ‘workplace’
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ThinkingWall Stor: Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves
ThinkingWall Stor: Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves
Following the launch of the ThinkingWall Stor, our most recent addition to the product range, we were asked to create
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The Future Workplace Wall at Workplace Trends Conference London 2019
What will the workplace look like in 2035? At this year’s Workplace Trends Conference as well as attending as a
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rolling whiteboard with shelves
Rolling whiteboard with shelves arrives at temporary office in Canada
Our client, Sid Lee are a creative agency who work globally from North America and Europe. They were looking for
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Whiteboards for schools
Whilst schools are closed, we’re often hard at work in empty classrooms. We’ve installed everything from full whiteboard walls to
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wall mounted swivel whiteboard
Wall Mounted Swivel Whiteboard – Using Awkward Spaces
As part of the bespoke whiteboard services we offer we are often asked to customise our ThinkingWall whiteboards to fit
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