About Us

Logovisual are designers and developers of visual thinking and planning systems with a passion for problem solving and innovation. The products we manufacture include but are not limited to bespoke whiteboards, whiteboard accessories, custom magnetics and learning or collaboration furniture.

We have 25+ year experience in helping clients make their processes visible, enabling them to see and think collaboratively; share understanding; manage complexity and turn problems into creative opportunity.

We are a team of practical and creative designers, manufacturers and installers who relish the opportunity to collaborate with clients to ensure they get a solution that best meets their needs, whether that’s for their own workplace or they are architects and designers working to a brief.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, with materials sourced worldwide.

Our dedicated installation team regularly receive the highest of praise for its speed, efficiency and courtesy on site. We are Safe Contractor approved and ensure that our team have the appropriate CSCS qualifications to work on the majority of sites.

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Our Background

Logovisual started life in the early ’90s as the product development division at Centre for Management Creativity.

At that time our focus was on facilitating management team workshops. We learned that externalising ideas and issues and making them visible and tactile can make a massive difference to how teams share understanding and how effectively they resolve problems and develop ideas.

We set out to create a product range to better enable collaborative and holistic thinking in strategic planning and problem solving. As we developed the tools, such as MagNotes and Visual Concept software, so we deepened our understanding of process, and came to understand and articulate a core methodology we call LogoVisual Thinking.

Whilst these tools and processes were developed in a leadership development context they are generic, and therefore have application in developing high level thinking in other contexts, particularly for exploring open ended questions and creating new meaning. They have proven equally effective with operational teams, in primary and secondary education and community engagement, with relatively minor adaptation.

What we’ve discovered in the years since, is that the constituent components of blank or printed magnetic objects on a blank or templated whiteboard, tailored to enable a specific process, can add profound value in many contexts.

Led by the needs of our clients, we have continued to develop visual thinking and planning solutions that support a wide range of processes, from time management to production planning to organisational transformation. Indeed, there are very few processes that can’t be made clearer, quicker, more effective, easier to share or more manageable through the use of visual tools.