New ThinkingWall® Stor whiteboard divider with storage

ThinkingWall Stor

We recently wrote about our new ThinkingWall® mobile whiteboard wall with storage. We’re delighted that these have proven to be so popular that we are now officially adding them to the ThinkingWall® range. The new product is called the ThinkingWall® Stor, and it’s the sixth product in the growing family.

The new ThinkingWall® Stor is slightly narrower than the original concept we developed for a client. The standard dimensions are 1980mm (h) x 1200mm (w) with 4 height adjustable storage areas in each end. You could use the shelves to store files, books, sports gear for that after work session, and more. It also works as a display area for plants to add some green to your office – or maybe to show off those awards trophies!

The Stor features the same high quality dry wipe magnetic repetitive writing surface as all ThinkingWall® products. The whiteboard surface extends to both sides, giving ample space for planning or just scribbling notes. You don’t have to limit yourself to just writing on the surface either. You could add magnets and document wallets to display printed material.

The ThinkingWall® Stor is the perfect multi purpose divider, storage unit and wheeled dry wipe board all in one sleek unit.

The ThinkingWall range includes freestanding mobile whiteboards and wall mounted frameless panels. Explore more ThinkingWall products here.

ThinkingWall Stor

Rachel Kemp is Logovisual's marketing manager.

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