Extra large moveable office dividers for adaptable spaces

Standard and large sized mobile office dividers

Our ThinkingWall Divider is a large moveable office divider that allows you to change the layout of your office space as often as you like. We undertook a project for Unipart Rail to supply extra large mobile dividers to suit the high ceilings of their office space, alongside our standard specification product.

We made a total of five ThinkingWall Divider units for the Unipart Rail office. Two dividers were the standard height of 1925mm, whilst the remaining three were 2500mm tall. One of these taller units included a space for an AV screen. The option to add a digital AV screen makes the ThinkingWall Divider even more adaptable, especially with the growth of hybrid working and the need for remote collaboration. The jumbo ThinkingWall Divider also incorporates a huge dry wipe writable and magnetic area for planning and display.

Standard and large office dividers

As all of our products are made to order, we are always able to create bespoke versions to suit different work communities. We have always championed the flexibility of our ThinkingWall mobile range as the best way to approach creating adaptable spaces. The extra large ThinkingWall Divider works as well as a fixed partition wall to visually screen work zones and define different areas of activity. The bonus is that you can move it to open out the space for town hall briefings; push two together in a line or at right angles; and turn them around to use the other side.

Extra large office divider

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