Portable Magnetic Map Board

magnetic map board

We were recently approached by the production team from BBC Springwatch to manufacture a portable magnetic map board for use in the current series. The board featured a map of the area the team were filming in and was used to illustrate the location of the local wildlife, in particular the Badgers as part of a Badger Watch Section.

Magnetic map board

The portable magnetic map board needed to be lightweight enough to be easily moved from location to location but also durable enough for use outside. The board was produced from a strong but lightweight material which we printed with a stylised map of the local area. In this case the map design was supplied by the Springwatch team however we are also able to produce designs to client specifications from a supplied brief.

We also produced a range of custom printed magnets to act as location markers. We created a design in keeping with the style of the map for each of the animals being tracked which included Badgers and Adders. These designs were then printed and produced as magnetic markers so that they can be placed on the to indicate locations and animal sightings on a particular day.

Magnetic map board

This magnetic map board is another example of the varied custom projects we have enjoyed producing, further examples of these can be seen here and within our projects section of the website.

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