Wall Mounted Swivel Whiteboard – Using Awkward Spaces

wall mounted swivel whiteboard

As part of the bespoke whiteboard services we offer we are often asked to customise our ThinkingWall whiteboards to fit a particular space. This can range from manufacturing them to a very specific size to using alternative mounting or fixings methods to make use of an awkward space.

This wall mounted swivel whiteboard is one such example. The only available wall space in their meeting room was in one corner of the room away from the meeting table making it difficult for everyone sat at the table to see the whiteboard. Our solution was to fit the whiteboard to the wall using a set of swivel brackets that allow it to be twisted at an angle towards the table making viewing much easier.

The whiteboard can be kept flat against the wall when not in use then when required the wall mounted swivel brackets allow the whiteboard to be simply pulled out to face towards the audience.

We increasingly find that offices are short of wall space, but however limited you are we can find a solution. Below are two examples of whiteboards to fit an awkward space.

Column Whiteboard – custom sized frameless ThinkingWall whiteboard panels mounted to the columns through out a large open plan office. With limited wall space these became the ideal unused space to fit a number of drywipe and magnetic receptive whiteboards.

Corner Whiteboard – custom size panels with almost seamless joins meant the whiteboard can be fitted into the corner of a room making maximum use of the available space.

ThinkingWall is a fully customisable whiteboard solution and can be used to fill a whole wall or made to measure to fit a particular space. If you have an unusual or awkward space you would like to make the most of contact us and we will be able to find a solution to fit.


2 thoughts on “Wall Mounted Swivel Whiteboard – Using Awkward Spaces

  1. We are researching magnetic white board options. We are looking for a wall-mounted frame that will allow the white board to hang flush with the wall and then be angled outwards for the audience to view when needed. Approximate sizing of white board would be 7’x4′. Do you have suggestions as well as pricing? Thank you for your help.

    1. Many thanks for your interest, we will look at some options for you and one of our team will email you with a quote and further details.

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