Bespoke Personalised Whiteboard

Bespoke Personalised Whiteboard

We received a request to produce a bespoke personalised whiteboard printed with an illustration created by our client. All of our custom whiteboards are made to order so we enjoy being able to accommodate requests for one-off or unique items.

Bespoke Personalised Whiteboard

We produce a wide range of custom printed whiteboards and always enjoy being able to hear a little of the story behind them. That was the case with this bespoke personalised whiteboard which was chosen as a gift to signify an important moment for our client. We asked for some information on the inspiration which can be found below:

The Inspiration for my Board Design:

I was really eager to get into grammar school. One thing that pressed my hope was the fact that my mother had promised me a gift – if I were to be admitted. I chose this gift as a board, to remind me of this achievement. Not long later, in mid-April, my mind was set on the design – a time-machine.

The idea came to me as I believed that one of the greatest of all man’s successes, through time to come, could be to make the first of the legendary devices that enable the user to travel (physically and flawlessly) between past and future. The inventor and people of the time, in my eyes, would face a replica of emotions I had experienced – on learning that I had been accepted into the school.

This is why I spent much time and effort trying to capture the scientist, or whoever else’s, moment – having a knowledge that their little creation is almost at the end of its long, tense journey – through all the ups and downs – anticipating this very instance in time.

Daniel Grayshon

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